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Willing Hearts Consignment Shop

Willing Hearts is a consignment shop managed and fully staffed by volunteers for the benefit of the Rotary Club of the Caldwells and its various projects and charities. We accept donations and consignment. While we are happy to welcome you as a consigner, because of the size of our business, we must insist on adherence to our rules. We have tax letters available for any donations. The burden of responsibility for the monetary amount of your donations rests with you.

What is a Consignor?

Basically a consignor is a recycler. You may wish to consign clothing, jewelry, household items, small furniture, collectibles, etc. Items we do not take are listed on the second page of this packet.

About dues

A yearly fee of 10.00 allows a consignor to bring in 10 items at a time, 20 items a month, during specific consignment hours: Tuesday and Saturday 10 to 2 and Thursday evening from 5:30 to 7:30. Please sign in at the register at least 15 minutes before the end hour. The fee is collected at the time of registration; subsequent yearly payments are deducted from your check on the anniversary date of your membership.

About condition of consigned items

The items must be clean, clothing pressed and seasonal. Any item which needs polishing or repair may be taken, but will be considered a donation and the money will be given directly to Rotary. Please read the list of items we cannot accept.

About payment for sold items

Checks are issued once a month for the items that sold the previous month. You receive 65% of the sale price; 35% is realized by Rotary. A printout of your sold items is attached to your check which is usually ready by the 10th of the month, and is not negotiable after 120 days. We prefer that you pick up your check personally. However, if you are planning a vacation, or your residence is a considerable distance from the shop, you may wish to leave a stamped, self-addressed envelope. Your consignment number MUST be in the lower left corner of the envelope.

About furniture

Consigning furniture requires a phone call to reserve space. Please ask for Pat Kiernan, Sondra Loeb, Joyce Potts or Barbara Morgan.

What is our goal?

Our goal is to SELL; that is how we make money for charities.

To accomplish a goal, there must be cooperation from staff and customers. A beautiful shop which welcomes buyers involves cooperation among consigners, customers and staff. An item well displayed is half sold. Please help us to achieve our goal by cooperating with our staff.

About time restraints and terms

Our week begins on Tuesday, since we are closed on Mondays.

The week you consign your item is considered week one of your selling term. The item remains on the selling floor for four weeks at full price.  At the beginning of the fifth week, the item is reduced by 50%, at which point the sale price becomes a donation to Rotary -  please ask for a tax letter. After the 6th week any remaining inventory is given to one of four shelters who pick up each week. You may reclaim your items at any time, but you must search by yourself. Volunteers are very busy at all times. Please be considerate and look for your items yourself. Thank you. You may call the shop on Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday between 3 and 5 p.m. to check the status of your items. This information is given out by Pat or Joyce. Please respect our request.

About the computer

The month begins on the first Tuesday of the month according to the computer. For instance, if the first day of any month is on a Thursday, you may consider it a part of the past month until the following Tuesday. If you have satisfied your 20 item limit, you may not begin to consign your next items until the first Tuesday of the next month.

Interested in becoming a volunteer?

Contact Pat Kiernan at (973)226-7488.

Thank you.



Willing Hearts phone: 973-226-7488

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