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CRCC Discussion Forum

Good Communication is Key to Our Success!

We have implemented discussion boards to help our members share ideas and feedback between meetings. Since we only meet as a group for 1 hour each month, working through proposed project ideas and other topics on-line will help keep our meetings focused and productive.

Our goal is to keep e-mail messages to a minimum!
The plan is to send an electronic monthly newsletter to all CRCC members which will highlight any upcoming service project opportunities and inlcude contact information. If you have a question or wish to be involved in continuous discussions, please use the discussion boards. The club and project leaders will check the boards regularly. We are trying to prevent members from receiving multiple unwanted e-mails - especially about projects they may not be involved with.
Thank You for your cooperation.

About Sharing Service Project Ideas

The "Service Project" category of discussion boards are divided into interest areas (i.e., environment, seniors, literacy, etc.). If you have a new idea that requires a new interest area, please contact Christine Coleman and she will add a new discussion board. However, you may create a new topic (for a new service project idea) within an existing discussion board.

How to Use the Discussion Boards

You can view the discussion boards without registering. If you wish to add comments (which we hope you do) you will need to register and then log-in. It is free and easy to register - just click on the "Register" link at the top.

Also, in the interest of privacy, when refering to other CRCC members, please use their first name and last intial ONLY and NEVER put personal info or phone numbers on the discussion boards.

Go to the Discussion Boards Now at:

Please, if you see any inappropriate content, please let Christine know asap!




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