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About the Caldwell Rotary Community Corps (CRCC)

"A Rotary Community Corps is a group of non-Rotarian men and women who share Rotarians’ commitment to service. Under the guidance of a sponsoring Rotary club, dedicated RCC members put their own skills to work to improve the quality of life in their communities."
– from the Rotary website

Who Should Join the Caldwell Rotary Community Corps (CRCC)?

In short, anyone who wants to improve the quality of life in their community through service but cannot (for various reasons) commit to joining a service club that meets weekly.

How does the club work?

Members have the opportunity to meet monthly to discuss service ideas and vote on implementing new club projects. There are no formal attendance requirements and anyone with a commitment to service and their community is welcome to join. Every Rotary Community Corps (RCC) is expected to implement at least two local service projects each year. There are no limitations on the number, type or scope of projects - instead each club is guided by its own members' interests and club resources.

What is the relationship with the sponsoring Rotary Club?

Although, the CRCC is sponsored by The Rotary Club of The Caldwells, it functions autonomously. The two clubs can choose to work together on service projects if they wish. The success ot the Caldwell Rotary Community Corps is very important to the The Rotary Club of The Caldwells and, therefore, Caldwell Rotarians are always available for guidance and support whenever needed.

What types of service projects does the club implement?

All club members are free to propose new service project ideas. There are no predetermined limitations on the number, type or scope of projects that the club can undertake. Instead, it is up to the club leadership and overall membership to vote on projects based on club interests and resources. It is not necessary that each member participate in every project, but instead that the types of projects are chosen based on member interests and that project scope is determined by the number of members willing to participate.

How does the club communicate and share ideas among members?

The club meets monthly, sends out newsletters via e-mail and there is an on-line discussion board available to share ideas. Specific project committees and elected club leaders are encouraged to meet or communicate as necessary.


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